How Localized Grounding, Combined with Conductive Skincare, Improves the Outcomes of the Traditional Skincare?


  •   Jeremy Madvin

  •   Madiha Khalid


The main goals of acute and long-term skincare are the protection and improvement of skin health and integrity. Skincare involves several procedures that help maintain the skin's integrity, improve its appearance, and alleviate skin problems. Proper blood flow is in dire need for the skin to absorb vital ingredients. There are many conventional treatments to help increase blood flow and recently it was discovered that connecting the with the electrical charges of the Earth, or “Grounding” can promote healthy blood flow in the facial region. Additionally, such effects of grounding do not seem limited to the facial region but are rather systemic, essential and are often quickly observable. Grounding also seems to reduce secondary injury, collateral sprouting, and nerve sensitization. In grounded patients, an increase in blood flow was clearly seen when compared directly to ungrounded subjects. The results of documented studies explain that even short contact with the Earth helps to restore blood flow regulation suggesting enhanced skin tissue repair and improved skin appearance with possible implications for overall health.

Keywords: Earthing, Grounding, Blood Flow, Skincare