Respiratory Distress Complicating Laryngeal Sarcoidosis


  •   O. Benhoummad

  •   O. Benlenda

  •   M. EL Fakiri

  •   H. Nassik


Laryngeal involvement in sarcoidosis is rare but can be potentially dangerous. A Severe obstruction of the laryngeal tract may appear, sometimes requiring a tracheostomy. Systemic corticosteroid therapy is the treatment of choice for most patients. We report the case of a 25-year-old patient with isolated laryngeal sarcoidosis for 12 years. She was admitted for respiratory distress. The nasofibroscopy revealed diffuse supraglottic edema, the medical care consisted of an intense surveillance and a corticosteroid therapy. Isolated laryngeal sarcoidosis is a condition that requires multidisciplinary consultation. It presents a challenge in terms of diagnosis, in terms of appropriate management of the respiratory tracts and in terms of treatment.

Keywords: Corticosteroid therapy, Laryngeal dyspnea, Laryngeal sarcoidosis, Morocco, Tracheotomy


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