Frontal Sinus Schwannoma: Case Report and Literature Review


  •   O. Benhoummad

  •   Y. Labani

  •   F. E. Rizkou

  •   Y. Rochdi

  •   A. Raji


Whilst schwannomas are mostly developed in the head neck area, the sinonasal involvement is extremely rare, especially those of the frontal sinus. We report a patient with sinonasal schwannoma, invading both frontal sinuses, anterior cranial fossa, the left anterior ethmoidal sinus, and the left nasal cavity. Radiologic imaging showed an isodensed, T2 isointense, T1 hypointense, with heterogeneous enhanced postcontrast mass with bone destruction. The patient underwent resection of the tumor via two approaches, external one and endonasal one. The histological diagnosis was consistent with a schwannoma. The follow-up was marked by the presence of diplopia without any signs of meningitis or cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea.

Keywords: Schwannoma, frontal sinus, paranasal sinuses


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Benhoummad, O., Labani, Y., Rizkou, F. E., Rochdi, Y., & Raji, A. (2021). Frontal Sinus Schwannoma: Case Report and Literature Review. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 3(3), 61–63.

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