Comparison of Body Mass Index and Cholelithiasis Diagnosed on Ultrasound in the Population of Pindi Bhattian


  •   I. Mehmood

  •   M. Uzair

  •   A. Malik

  •   Y. Gillani

  •   D. E. Shahwar

  •   Z. Illayas

  •   N. Fatima


Obesity is one of the emerging conditions in our population. Gallstones are composed of cholesterol. It is postulated that gallstones are associated with the deposition of cholesterol. Ultrasound is the first line imaging modality for the diagnosis of cholelithiasis. If gallstones are correlated with BMI, it will open up a new vista for further research.

In Yaqoob Ultrasound Clinic, PindiBhattian, Pakistan, a cross sectional analytical study was conducted. All included patients were inquired regarding variables like Age, Height, Weight, Presences of stones, Wall thickness of gall bladder, and location of gall stones on grey scale ultrasound findings. Patients were asked to lie down and expose their abdomen; grey scale abdominal ultrasound was performed of these patients. All variables mentioned above for each patient was recorded and maintain in their individual case record form (CFR). Data was collected during allocated period. Statically package SPSS version 2.4 was used to check the collected data and to organize and compile results. According to results out of total 160 patients, 105 were females and 55 were male. Out of 160 patients 150 (93.8%) were present with gall stones and 10 (6.3%) were having no gall stone. In total 61 patients (38.1%) were having single gall stone whereas 89 (55.6%) were diagnosed with multiple gall stones. According to the results, minimum age was 18 years and maximum was 80 years. Our study concluded that obesity is one of the major risk factors for gall stones. Obesity is usually more common in females, so they are more likely to have gall stones and overweight patients were more prone to GB stones.

Keywords: Body mass index, cholelithiasis, obesity, ultrasound


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