Posterior Shoulder Dislocation: A Rare Case Report and Review of the Literature


  •   Gusti Ngurah Wien Aryana

  •   . Febyan

  •   Agus Eka Wiradiputra


Posterior shoulder dislocation is a unique finding in the orthopedics field. Although it is rarely found, this condition is one that must be considered in the presence of acute shoulder pain. Most clinicians often miss this diagnosis on initial examination; therefore, imaging radiographs are often needed to confirm the diagnosis. Unfortunately, insufficient radiographic assessment can be the greatest pitfall in establishing an accurate diagnosis. Multiple radiographic projections, including anteroposterior view, scapular Y view, and the axillary view, are important to achieve an accurate diagnosis. In this study, we present a middle-aged patient with a pain and trauma history on the shoulder. Anteroposterior radiographic examination revealed an atypical finding. Fortunately, additional radiographic projections were successful in establishing the proper diagnosis of posterior shoulder dislocation. This study also presents a comprehensive review of the keys in the recognition and treatment of the injury.

Keywords: Shoulder, posterior dislocation, middle age, rare case


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