Nasopharngeal Tuberculosis Simulating Cancer: About 2 Cases


  •   F. Hadid

  •   O. Oulghoul

  •   H. Benjelloun

  •   O. Benhommad

  •   A. Raji

  •   Y. Rochdi


Primitive tuberculosis of the nasopharynx is rare. Clinical symptoms and paraclinical examinations are often confusing. Pseudotumour forms are frequent, which poses a problem of differential diagnosis with cavum cancer. We reported two cases of nasopharyngeal tuberculosis, followed up in the ear, nose and throat department of the Arrazi Hospital of the Mohammed VI University Hospital in Marrakesh. The first case concerned a 22-year-old female patient admitted to hospital for an etiological assessment of a right spinal adenopathy evolving in a context of altered general condition with weight loss, anorexia, and night sweats. The second case was a 14-year-old patient with a fistulised right spinal adenopathy with nasal obstruction and homolateral deafness. Nasofibroscopy in both patients showed a burgeoning tumour on the right posterolateral wall. A biopsy of the cavum was indicated. The histological study of the biopsies revealed an epithelial-giganto-cellular granuloma with caseous necrosis. This allowed to make the diagnosis of nasopharyngeal tuberculosis, and an antibacillary treatment was instituted. The evolution was favorable.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, nasopharyngeal, nasofibrosopy, histology.


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Hadid, F., Oulghoul, O., Benjelloun, H., Benhommad, O., Raji, A., & Rochdi, Y. (2021). Nasopharngeal Tuberculosis Simulating Cancer: About 2 Cases. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 3(3), 46–48.

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