Delayed Recurrent Post Cochlear Implantation Hydroma: A Four Patients Series


  •   O. Oulghoul

  •   F. Hadid

  •   O. Benhoummad

  •   Y. Rochdi

  •   A. Raji


Objective: we report our series of late hydroma after cochlear implantation, this complication has not been widely reported in the literature. Method: retrospective study.

Results: four children who had undergone a cochlear implantation aged between 3.2 and 5.3 years (median 4.5 years) were studied. The hydroma episode occurred 4 months to 3 years after cochlear implantation. Two patients had two recurrent episodes. No obvious etiological factors were found, including trauma or infection. No patient benefited from a fine needle aspiration or drainage, all the patients were treated with a broad-spectrum antibiotic with corticosteroid and a slightly compressive bandage with good results in all cases.

Conclusion: Late-onset hydroma is a minor complication with no obvious etiology and good evolution and risk of recurrence, its management remains no codified due to the limited number of cases reported in the literature.

Keywords: Cochlear Implant; Complication; Hematoma; Hydroma


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Oulghoul, O., Hadid, F., Benhoummad, O., Rochdi, Y., & Raji, A. (2021). Delayed Recurrent Post Cochlear Implantation Hydroma: A Four Patients Series. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 3(3), 82–84.

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