An Infectious Cause of Esophagobronchial Fistula


  •   Abdul Basit Ibne Momen

  •   Rafa Faaria

  •   Farhana Khan

  •   Sadia Saber

  •   Md Tarek Alam


An infected cause of esophagobronchial fistula between left bronchus and esophagus is mentioned who is a 32 year old male with a history of smoking and I/V drug abuse. The scientific reasons for suspecting an esophagogastric-bronchial fistula in an adult are discussed, as well as a description of the different etiologies of this condition. Intra thoracic malignancy, injuries, and infections are the most frequent causes of esophageal-bronchial fistula. These fistulas are caused by the rupturing of caseous peribronchial lymph nodes into adjacent structures such as the esophagus and bronchi. It's difficult to determine what the right course of action is. Such cases are surgically treated, while others can only be treated conservatively. Diagnosing bronchoesophageal fisula is usually challenging and often delayed, since there have not been many cases found. Any patient who presents with cough after deglutition should be suspected of having an esophagobronchial fistula, and tubercular origin should also be considered, particularly in an endemic region, since early diagnosis and treatment with anti-tubercular therapy typically results in resolution.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Oesophagobronchial fistula


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