Retroperitoneal Hodgkin Lymphoma with Giant Renal Cyst: Case Report


  •   H. Lachhab

  •   H. Moudlige

  •   C. Waffar

  •   A. Moataz

  •   M. Dakir

  •   A. Debbagh

  •   R. Aboutaieb


Detection of Hodgkin’s lymphoma at earlier stages increases the chances of successful chemotherapy treatment. Retroperitoneal localization makes the diagnosis difficult, which can delay treatment. we report here the case of 65-year-old patient presenting right lumbar pain for 2 years, who was admitted for surgical exploration of a fluid retroperitoneal mass, after an inconclusive CT-guided biopsy and a surgical biopsy showing reactive lymph node tissue remodeled without tumor element. after operating the patient, the pre-cellar lymph node dissection concluded with classic Hodgkin lymphoma.

Keywords: Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lymph node, renal cyst, retroperitoneal


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Lachhab, H., Moudlige, H., Waffar, C., Moataz, A., Dakir, M., Debbagh, A., & Aboutaieb, R. (2021). Retroperitoneal Hodgkin Lymphoma with Giant Renal Cyst: Case Report. European Journal of Medical and Health Science, 3(2), 25-26.

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