How Micro Current Created by Grounding Stimulates Meridian Points in Acupressure?


  •   Madiha Khalid

  •   Jeremy Madvin


Acupressure in Oriental medicine is used as a core therapeutic method due to its therapeutic efficacy and minimal side-effects. However, microcurrent stimulation, combined with acupressure and grounding, has not been studied under acupressure conditions in terms of how this combination might affect acupressure therapy's effectiveness. This paper clarifies the new concept of acupressure stimulation combined with a microcurrent that generates electron flow during earthing. In grounding the body, there is free electron movement from and to the body that creates microcurrent. Acupressure uses these currents to activate specific acupoints for therapeutic purposes and activating these acupoints adjust the imbalance between Qi across channels (meridians) and ultimately treat diseases. It is time for proper research and implementation of this technique to increase acupressure efficacy and reduce society's cost.

Keywords: Acupoints, Acupressure, Earthing, grounding, meridian points, microcurrent


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