Incisional Hernia Post Open Appendectomy: A Case Report


  •   Onyeyirichi Otuu

  •   Ugochukwu Uzodimma Nnadozie


Incisional hernia is an unusual postoperative complication after appendectomy through a McBurney’s incision with an incidence of less than one percent. We present a case of incisional hernia post open appendectomy in a 40-year old woman. She presented to us with a painless right lower abdominal swelling that developed after an emergency open appendectomy for perforated appendix 7 years earlier. She was clinically stable with BMI of 24.5 kg/m2. She had a non-tender, reducible mass of 20×16×8 cm protruding through a healed right iliac fossa transverse scar. She had an open onlay mesh repair with satisfactory outcome. Post appendectomy incisional hernia is uncommon. Hernioplasty offers a satisfactory outcome.

Keywords: Appendectomy, Hernioplasty, Incisional hernia, Mesh repair


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