Pantaloon Hernia in a Female: A Rare Finding


  •   Onyeyirichi Otuu

  •   Uche Emmanuel Eni

  •   Callistus Ugochukwu Ndunaka

  •   Nwanneka Louisa Kwentoh


The incidence of inguinal hernia in females is less compared to the males. Pantaloon hernia in females is even rarer and may be first diagnosed during surgery. We report a rare case of pantaloon hernia in a 60 year old female patient. She presented with reducible left groin swelling of 3 years duration and a clinical diagnosis of an indirect inguinal hernia made. A direct sac and an indirect sac were discovered at operation on both sides of the inferior epigastric artery. The posterior wall was repaired by Lichtenstein method. Patient made an uneventful recovery and there was no recurrence after 12 months of follow up. Though pantaloon hernia is rare in females, proper dissection, and identification of structure in the inguinal canal is necessary to make the correct diagnosis and to offer the appropriate treatment.

Keywords: Female, Hernia, Lichtenstein Repair, Pantaloon


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