Visual Outcomes After Phacoemulsification in Sanjiwani Hospital Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia


  •   Risna Dea Pramita

  •   Ni Nyoman Sunariasih


The rate of blindness and visual impairment due to cataract is still high, especially in developing countries such as Indonesia. Phacoemulsification is one of the most advanced cataract surgery methods currently available. This study aims to evaluate the result of visual acuity in post-phacoemulsification cataract patients in Sanjiwani Hospital. This retrospective study used data obtained from medical records of patients who underwent phacoemulsification between 2019-2020. There were 45 eyes from a total of 35 patients. Most patients were male with an average age of 71± 9.58 years old. Around 71.1% of samples obtained good outcome (visual acuity of ≥ 6/18) 6 weeks after surgery. Meanwhile, 26.6% obtained a borderline outcome (visual acuity of 6/18-6/60) and one person had a poor outcome (visual acuity of <6/60). No intraoperative complication was recorded. There were 2 postoperative complications in the form of IOL dislocation. This result revealed a low complication rate. However, the percentage of good outcome has not reached WHO’s recommendation, which is 80%. Further studies with larger sample size and more complete data will be good to evaluate visual outcomes of phacoemulsification more optimally.

Keywords: cataract, phacoemulsification, visual acuity



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