Safety and Efficacy of Antiviral Therapy of Chronic Hepatitis C in Chronic Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis Patients


  •   W. Fadili

  •   A. Ait Errami

  •   S. Zaoui

  •   K. Elkassimi

  •   N. ElBouhi

  •   S. Oubaha

  •   Z. Samlani

  •   I. Laouad

  •   K. Krati


Background and Aims: To assess the efficacy and tolerability of sofosbuvir-based antiviral therapy for viral hepatitis C (HCV) patients with chronic kidney disease and on maintenance hemodialysis.

Methods: We retrospectively reviewed all treated patients with HCV from January 2015 to November 2020. They were treated either with standard Interferon/Ribavirin or with Sofosbuvir combined to Daclatasvir or to Ledipasvir. We evaluated the sustained virologic response at 12 weeks (SVR12). Data were analyzed using SPSS 20.00.

Results: Out of 61 patients, the mean age of our patients was 56,8±12,56 years and 42,6% were males. Six patients had eGFR< 60 ml/mn/1,73 m2 (9,8%) and 26 patients were on maintenance hemodialysis (42,6%). The majority had genotype 1 and overall SVR12 was 70,1% with a rate of 75% in the Sofosbuvir-regimen subgroup. The adverse events were minor. On multivariate analysis, genotype, viral load and rapid virologic response were independent factors that significantly predicted treatment success.

Conclusion: Sofosbuvir-based regimen appears to be safe and efficious in patients with chronic kidney disease and on maintenance hemodialysis, especially in countries with limited resources.

Keywords: Chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis, hepatitis C virus, Sofosbuvir, sustained virologic response


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