Primary Palpebral Tuberculosis: A Case Report


  •   Ayoub Redouan

  •   Hind Hamdani

  •   Loubna El Maaloum

  •   Bouchra Allali

  •   Asmae El Kettani

  •   Mehdi El Kerkouri


Tuberculosis is a frequent disease in Morocco, palpebral localization remains very rare, often poorly managed because of its polymorphism. We report the case of a 6-year-old patient, without any notable antecedents, who presented repeated chalazions. Following frequent recurrences, despite surgical management, the patient benefited from an exeresis biopsy which confirmed the tuberculosis infection. A general check-up was performed to look for secondary localizations of tuberculosis, specifically a pulmonary localization, which was negative. The patient presented a good response to antibacillary treatment. In the light of this clinical case, we recall the importance of an anatomopathological study, which must be systematic before any excision of tissue material in the treatment of a chalazion with atypical localization or notion of recurrence.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, chalazion, eyelid, primitive


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Redouan, A., Hamdani, H., El Maaloum, L., Allali, B., El Kettani, A., & El Kerkouri, M. (2021). Primary Palpebral Tuberculosis: A Case Report. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 3(1), 44-45.

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