Proximal Triplane Tibial Fracture in a 6-Year-Old Girl


  •   Ziyad AlShaqsi

  •   Sara Alhabsi

  •   Yumna Alnaabi

  •   Yaqoub Almufargi


Proximal tibial fractures are very rare. Our case is about a six-year-old girl presented with proximal tibial triplane fracture associated with proximal and distal fibula and distal tibial fractures, as a result of a fall of a cement wall on her right knee. A radiograph and computerized tomography (CT) scan were reported as Salter-Harris type III fracture. She was treated by an open reduction and internal fixation by a screw and Kirschner wires. She was followed up for 12 months and showed an excellent knee outcome and her knee range of motion was 10-130o. Anatomical reduction and stable fixation are necessary to prevent future pain, deformity and arthritis. The case demonstrates the efficacy of using an open reduction and internal fixation by a screw and Kirschner wires in treating children with triplane proximal tibial fracture.  This type of fracture is not frequently seen and a right diagnosis leads to better management, which could prevent future complications

Keywords: child, proximal tibia, Salter-Harris, tibial fracture, triplane


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