Complete Stenosis of the Uretero Vesical Junction in Urogenital Tuberculosis: Management and Evolution


  •   O. Elidrissi

  •   M. Rkik

  •   W. Bai

  •   Y. Ghannam

  •   M. Dakir

  •   A. Debbagh

  •   R. Aboutaieb


Urogenital tuberculosis continues to be a major health problem around the world due to the epidemic of HIV infection.

We report the case of a 40-year-old patient followed for urogenital tuberculosis and who presented during her follow-up a complication of her disease type ureteral stenosis, managed by endoscopic route.

We try through our work to focus on the value of surveillance after anti-bacillary treatment in order to watch for complications and act in an innocuous way.

Keywords: Endourology, Urogenital Tuberculosis, Uretero-vesical junction, Stenosis


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