Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome (TASS)


  •   Sidi Dahi

  •   Mehdi Khamaily

  •   Joumany Brahim Salem

  •   Wafae Akioud

  •   Houda Brarou

  •   Taoufik Abdellaoui

  •   Yassine Mouzari

  •   Karim Reda

  •   Abdelbarre Oubaaz


Cataract surgery is ranked among the most frequent operations, affecting a population over 65 years of age.Its prognosis is often favorable, however, there are rare complications including inflammation of the anterior segment known as Anterior Segment Toxicity Syndrome . the majority of our patients were men and diabetes appear in almost half and all our patients present various symptoms the first 24 hours dominated by the attack of the anterior segment our therapeutic attitude consists in the use of corticosteroids and hypotonizers with a good evolution in the majority of patients.

Keywords: phacoemulsification, inflammation, Corticosteroid


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