Syncope: A Very Atypical Presentation of COVID-19


  •   Richard D. Shih

  •   Paul M. Louis

  •   Scott M. Alter

  •   Patrick G. Hughes

  •   Joshua J. Solano

  •   Lisa M. Clayton


Possible COVID-19 patients have presented commonly to United States Emergency Departments. Patients presenting with cough, fever and shortness of breath are easy to identify as suspected cases. Unfortunately, not all COVID-19 patients present this way. Atypical presentations are a risk factor for healthcare worker (HCW) transmission of this disease. In this case report we describe the unusual case of COVID-19 presenting as syncope without any other risk factors. HCWs need to be aware of atypical COVID-19 presentations and to maintain proper use of personal protective equipment.

Keywords: COVID-19, Pandemic, Syncope, Heathcare worker transmission, Viral pandemic


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Shih, R. D., Louis, P. M., Alter, S. M., Hughes, P. G., Solano, J. J., & Clayton, L. M. (2020). Syncope: A Very Atypical Presentation of COVID-19. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 2(6).