Unexplained Increase in Death Rate during COVID19 Pandemic Mistakenly Attributed to Malaria


  •   Ibrahim Abdelrhim Ali

  •   Alaaeldeen Mohammed Ahmed Abdeldafia

  •   Abrar Bakry Elmalik

  •   Mohamed Eltayieb Elawad


Background: Since the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic, the world has faced many challenges. In Sudan, Gizera state has shown mysterious symptoms to the residents of a village and has been diagnosed with malaria.

Aim: The study was aimed to disprove the diagnosis of malaria, and to find another more convincing explanation that fits with the general features of the disease.

Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted using an electronic questionnaire designed by Google form.

Result: The respondents was 402, the distribution of males and females was 51.7% and 48.3%, respectively. 83% were suffered the symptoms in May and June. The most common symptoms were headache, fever, fatigue and joint pain, back pain, sore throat and anosmia, at 60.7%, 49.8%, 47.3%, 33.3%, 37.3%, and 23.3%, respectively. 61.4% seeked health care, 99.9% performed peripheral blood film for malaria and 83% were positive. 77% of those with positive result, 72% of those with negative results, 62% of those who did not seek health care suffered similar symptoms, mainly headache. Also, anosmia is 30%, and 25% for those who have seeked and have not seeked health care, respectively. The recovery period was less than a week in 49% of those with positive results, 57% of those with negative results, and 63% of those who did not seek health care. It was more than two weeks in 9%, 12%, and 4% in the positive, negative, and uncaring, respectively. 56.5% did not notice the mosquitoes in that period, 31% and 11.7% noticed that and did not know, respectively.

Conclusion: The most likely diagnosis of these mysterious symptoms is COVID-19.

Keywords: COVID-19, malaria, Gizera state, Sudan


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