Case Series of Opportunistic Deep Seated Fungal Infections in Surgical Practice in an Agrarian Society


  •   Jeevan Ruban Kumar

  •   Nikitha Moorthy

  •   R. Arihanth

  •   Rekha Arcot


This article is to highlight the atypical presentations of fungal infections which may be encountered in surgical practice and to help surgeons to recognise these cases early and provide appropriate management. Three cases of skin and soft tissue fungal infections with atypical presentations have been discussed. All the patients are aged above 45 years and farmers by occupation with type 2 diabetes mellitus as a common co-morbidity. These cases showed aggressive progression of the disease and were started on anti-fungal agents along with serial aggressive debridement. Two patients deteriorated rapidly, as they succumbed to their illness. Fungal agents being commonly present in the environment, are likely to cause infection in immunocompromised states like diabetic patients, especially in those with a preceding history of trauma.

Keywords: immunocompromised state, anti-fungals, wound debridement


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Kumar, J. R., Moorthy, N., Arihanth, R., & Arcot, R. (2021). Case Series of Opportunistic Deep Seated Fungal Infections in Surgical Practice in an Agrarian Society. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 3(1), 30-33.