Knowledge of Cervical Cancer and Its Screening Amongst Female Students of a Tertiary Institution in South-South Nigeria


  •   D. O. Allagoa

  •   O. J. Agbo

  •   A. O. Eguvbe

  •   P. W. Alabrah


Background: Cervical cancer is one of the commonest cancers in women. It is the commonest cause of cancer related death in Africa. It is one of the cancers that have well known screening methods. In developed societies with standard protocol for screening, the morbidity and mortality following the disease have been greatly reduced. There is paucity of knowledge of cervical cancer and its screening methods in Yenagoa.

Objectives: To determine the knowledge of cervical cancer and its screening methods in female students of a Tertiary educational institution.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study that was conducted amongst the female students of Federal University Otuoke. Information about their socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge of cervical cancer and the screening methods was obtained using a questionnaire.

Results: A total of four hundred and twenty four (424) female students of the Federal University Otuoke were enrolled for the study. The mean age of the respondents was 21.0±3.4 years. The predominant age group was 15-20 years (50.6%). One hundred and eighty three respondents (57.9%) were aware of cervical cancer and the age groups 21-25 years were most aware of cervical cancer. Age was found to influence awareness of cervical cancer. (x2=12.8; df=3; p<0.05). A total of eighty one respondents 26.9% were aware of Pap smear. Age was found to influence the awareness of Pap smear (x2=12.8; df=3; p<0.05).

Conclusion: Our study showed that awareness of cervical cancer and the role of Pap smear in the screening of cervical cancer was low amongst the female students of the Federal University Otuoke. Hence the need to make every effort to increase the awareness of this condition and the screening methods amongst these female undergraduates, who are at the prime of their age and at the greatest risk of developing this condition, especially in our societies that lack well organized screening protocols.

Keywords: cervical cancer, Pap smear, screening


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