Multiple Sclerosis Revealed by Anterior Uveitis


  •   Sidi Dahi

  •   Mehdi Khamaily

  •   Joumany Brahim Salem

  •   Imane Tarib

  •   Mounia Bouchaar

  •   Rachid Zerrouk

  •   Yassine Mouzari

  •   Fouad El Asri

  •   Karim Reda

  •   Abdelbarre Oubaaz


Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, leading to the formation of foci of demyelination. Ocular involvement is quite frequent and multiple, dominated by inflammatory optic neuropathies, oculomotor nerve damage, nystagmus and uveitis. We report an atypical case of multiple sclerosis revealed by an anterior unilateral synechiatic hypertensive uveitis in a young patient of 27 years.

Keywords: Uveitis, muliples sclerosis, demyelination


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