Aneurysmal Bone cyst of Lumbar Spine: Case report and Review of Literature


  •   Gaurav Sharma

  •   Sweety Gupta

  •   Sanjay Sajeevan

  •   Rajnish Arora

  •   Prashant Joshi

  •   Manoj Gupta


Aneurysmal bone cysts (ABCs) are benign bone lesions arising mostly in the pediatric population that can cause local pain, swelling, and pathologic fracture. It is occasionally an aggressive benign lesion whose treatment of choice is complete resection, even though the risk of profuse intraoperative bleeding exists. We here report a case of spinal aneurysmal bone cyst treated by surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy.

Keywords: Aneurysmal bone cyst, Surgery, lumbar, Radiotherapy


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