Ecological Survey of Man-Biting Mosquitoes in Nnewi Metropolis South-East Nigeria


  •   Onyeka Chukwudalu Ekwebene

  •   Chukwuanugo N. Ogbuagu

  •   Benjamin Uzonna Ononye

  •   Angela E. Orji


The survey on the ecology of man-biting mosquitoes in Nnewi was undertaken between April and June 2019. Larval stages of mosquitoes were sampled from gutters, used discarded tyres, plastic containers, water pots, clean ground water pools, plantain and banana plants axils and dirty ground water pools using ladle, sieves and bowels. Indoor biting and resting mosquitoes were collected using pyrethrum knockdown collection method (PKC) while outdoor biting mosquitoes were collected using human being volunteer as baits and collectors. Two hundred and two (202) mosquitoes comprising of four mosquito speciesnamely; Aedesaegypt36(17.8%), Culexquinquefasciatus 43 (21.3%), Culextrigripes 16 (7.9%) andAedesalbopictus 107 (53.0%) was the highest larva to be collected. A total of sixty-eight (68) mosquitoes collected as adult made up of two speciesCulexquinquefasciatus 64 (94.1%) and Anopheles gambiae 4 (5.9%) were collected indoors. Culexquinquefasciatus 64 (94.1%) constituted the highest percentage of indoor biting and resting mosquito species. One hundred and fifty-two (152) mosquitoes comprising of four species; Aedesaegypti 51(33.6%), Aedesalbopictus 96 (63.2%), Aedesleuteocephalus 2 (1.3%) and Culexquinquefasciatus 3 (2.0%) were collected as outdoor biting mosquitoes. Aedesaegyptiwas the commonest outdoor biting mosquitoes in the community. One hundred and forty-three (143) mosquitoes were collected with ovitrap, Aedesalbopictus (41.9%), Eretmapoditeschyrysogaster 2(1.4%) and Aedeaegypti81(56,6%) been the highest collected.

Keywords: Mosquitoes, Ecology, Man-biting and Nnewi


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