Restoration of Microtia by Prosthetic Method: A Case Report


  •   Mandeep Kaur

  •   Sakshi Malhotra Kaura

  •   Amit Sharma

  •   Rukhsar Showkat


Background: Microtia is one of the forms of ear loss and deformity. It is a congenital anomaly of the external ear. Social and psychological rehabilitation of such patients requires a prosthesis that is esthetic as well as has enough strength and texture to represent the natural ear. Because of financial constraints, some patients cannot afford the surgical procedure of grafting.

Case report: This is a case of 17 year old female with congenital missing right ear along with facial deformity due to Lower Motor Neuron facial nerve palsy.

Treatment plan: Prosthetic replacement of the missing ear was planned to improve the esthetic and social well being of the patient in an economical way.

Conclusion: a definitive management of the missing ear can be done using dental implants and bar attachment if the financial condition and social acceptance with interim prosthesis is satisfactory.

Keywords: Congenital, Lower Motor Neuron Facial Palsy, Medical grade heat cure silicone, Microtia


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