Problems in the Revision of Failed Moore Prosthesis


  •   A. Lachkar

  •   A. Najib

  •   H. Yacoubi


Over the years, Moore prosthesis has been described as a good option in the treatment of femoral neck fracture. Its main disadvantages are about femoral fixation and the acetabular erosion. Because of less cost, it still be used improperly and provide a large number of failures. Improper placement of the Moore prosthesis provide biomechanical disturbances of the arthroplasty. The insufficient of residual femoral neck length or the insufficient of metaphyseal fill are associated with the failure of the Moore arthroplasty. The aim of our study is to report and evaluate intraoperative findings and difficulties while we were convert failed aseptic Moore hemiarthroplasty into cemented total hip arthroplasty.

Keywords: Hip arthroplasty, Moore prosthesis, Replacement surgery.


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