Role Of Vitamin K Therapy In Prevention Of Vascular Calcification In Chronic Kidney Disease


  •   Mohamed Farouk Ibrahim Mosa

  •   Ahmed Kamal Harfoosh


Introduction: Matrix Gla protein (MGP) is a central calcification inhibitor of vascular wall. The biological activation of the calcification-inhibitory protein MGP can be achieved by simple administration of oral vitamin K.

Aim: The study was conducted to assess the effect of vitamin k supplementation on vascular calcification and to evaluate its effect on MGA in hemodialysis patients.

Materials and Methods: Forty adult patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) on regular hemodialysis sessions, thrice weekly, were enrolled in the study and were randomly assigned into two groups. Vitamin K group consisted of 20 patients were given oral vitamin K at 10 mg after each session of dialysis for a duration of one year. No-Vitamin K group included 20 patients didn’t receive vitamin K. All patients were subjected to the following: Matrix Gla protein (MGP), in addition to, plain digital abdominal x-ray and doppler ultrasound.

Results: After one-year of vitamin K supplementation, a significant increase in MGP levels in Vitamin K group (75.7±26 ng/mL) were noticed. There were no significant changes in CIMT and AACS in Vitamin K group after vitamin K supplementation in compared to their baseline levels, while the CIMT and AACS were significantly increased in No-Vitamin K group in compared to their baseline levels.

Conclusion: Vitamin K supplementation could not stop vascular calcifications but significantly attenuate their progression.

Keywords: CKD, Vascular calcification, Vitamin K supplementation


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