Acute Rheumatic Carditis Manifesting As Complete Heart Block At Initial Presentation In A Young Male - A Rare Case Report


  •   P. Praneeth

  •   N. Praveen

  •   A. U. Kiran

  •   N. Vijaya Lakshmi

  •   K. K. Anjani


A 26-year male came to the emergency department with a history of syncope along with fever and joint pains of two weeks duration. The electrocardiogram showed a complete heart block (CHB). On further workup, the CHB appeared secondary to Acute Rheumatic Carditis (ARC). The CHB recovered over a week with anti-inflammatory therapy. This case shows that ARC can manifest with a complete heart block and syncope, which is reversible.

Keywords: acute rheumatic carditis; complete heart block; corticosteroids; syncope


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