Conjunctival Botryomycoma: A Case Report


  •   Mehdi Khamaily

  •   Joumany Brahim Salem

  •   Imane Tarib

  •   Sidi Dahi

  •   Mounia Bouchaar

  •   Rachid Zerrouk

  •   Yassine Mouzari

  •   Fouad El Asri

  •   Karim Reda

  •   Abdelbarre Oubaaz


The fleshy telangiectatic bud or pyogenic granuloma is a tumor-like lesion that develops from chronic inflammatory situations of the conjunctiva or the eyelid. The chalazion represents one of the most frequent of these situations. We report the case of a child who presented, after a chalazion, a pyogenic granuloma, treated by surgical removal.

Keywords: conjonctival tumor, pyogenic Granuloma


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