Mammogram: Does Music Therapy Helps?


  •   Norhayati Mohd Zain

  •   Nur Anis Izzati Che Mut

  •   Nur Fatin Ruslizam

  •   Norhashimah Mohd Norsuddin

  •   Siti Aishah Abdullah Suhaimi

  •   Munirah Ahmad Dahari

  •   Nur Amalina Hasan


Anxiety was the barrier mostly chosen by women for not performing mammography examination. Music was perceived as an effective method in reducing these barriers. Thus, this study was done to investigate how music would influence anxiety level among women undergoing mammogram screening. A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted at randomly selected private hospitals around Klang Valley. The ’State-Trait Anxiety Inventory’ form was used to measure the level of anxiety. Respondents were categorized into two groups, which are control (no music) and experimental (with music) groups. Descriptive analysis was used to determine the anxiety level and T-test analysis were used to compare the anxiety level between both groups. A total of 60 respondents participated in this study in which 30 (50.0%) were in a control group and 30 (50.0%) were in the experimental group. Mean age of respondents were 53.5 (±12.7) years. The anxiety level is high in women who underwent mammography with no music (60.0%) as compared those with music (53.3%), although the difference is not significant (p>0.05). Music intervention has potential in reducing anxiety level during mammography examination.

Keywords: mammogram; music; anxiety


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