Origin of Life’s Chirality


  •   Michael Deans


The phase transition at 72K in ice XIc accommodating water molecules’ irregular tetrahedral shape I discovered in 1967 restores the confidence in science measuring c challenged. Forming in polar pools of N2 during a primordial ice-age, fluctuating temperatures released latent energy as λ ~4µ laser light. Multiple reflection polarized it and deoxynucleotides on tropical water surfaces were polymerized, creating chiral DNA, uniquely explaining life’s origin.  

‘Transport DNAs’ sharing tRNA’s H-bond-lined pores concentrated life’s ingredients in coacervates. Replicate tDNAs originated life. DNA’s stability makes it life’s likely precursor. ‘Differentiation DNAs’ selecting tDNAs control cell diet and tissue specialization. Nine pathways deploying trace elements as carriers control metabolism. Mutant tDNAs and dietary deficits account for morbidity.

‘Minion’ DNA/oligopeptide complexes optimize chromosomes replication. They function as biological clocks, chips-in-the-brain and nuclear fusion reactors.  Minion logic reinterprets 20th century scientific axioms. Resonant cavities coupling chemical to mechanical energy efficiently.

Keywords: differentiation DNA; minion; resonance; transport DNA


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