Reconstructive Surgery Of Congenital And Acquired Iris Defects Carried Out Between 2012 And 2019 At A Private Medical Center In Poland


  •   Adam Cywinski


Retrospective evaluation of the effects of surgical treatment of congenital and acquired iris defects. Procedures were performed by one surgeon in 47 patients, in 53 eyes. In the case of six eyes (three eyes were blind), a cosmetic procedure was performed. In some cases, iris implants were used. Congenital partial iris loss (coloboma) was treated using the author’s proprietary surgical technique. In many cases, iris surgery was combined with other eye surgery. The main reasons for performing the procedures included the desire to improve vision and eye aesthetics. In most cases the author obtained the intended effects through the use of iris suture techniques, without the use of iris implants. Proper qualification for the procedure, implementation of a specific suture technique and the presence of a sufficient amount of iris tissue constitute an element necessary to treat iris defects without the need for implants.

Keywords: Eye trauma, iris coloboma, iris defect, partial iris implants, surgical iris repair


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