The Treatment Planining of Rectum Tumors and The Use of The Wedge Filter for Ensuring The Correct Isodoses


  •   Idajet Selmani

  •   Partizan Malkaj


One of the most important issues in the field of radiotherapy is the correct distribution of the dose around the volume of interest or planning target volume (PTV). For making this possible the exact isodose in a treatment plan has to cover the PTV, so it is used the wedge which is a part of the linear accelerator head. Wedge plays the role of a filter and usually it is called wedge filter. The wedge filter is in use almost in all treatment plans, for all the parts of the body. In this paper it is consider the use of the wedge filter for treatment of rectum tumors.

The process starts with the scanning of the patient and the deliantion of the interest’s volums in the Monaco system. In the following the imagins have been sent in the treatment planning system for making the nesessary plans for treatment of the rectum. Two plans were done, one with the use of the wedge and the other without using it. The dose volume histogram helps for compering the results of the plans. The best conformity of the isodoses it was for the plan with the use of wedge through volume of interest, which is planning target volume (PTV).

Keywords: Accelerator, rectum tumor, treatment planning, wedge.


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