Single Renal Metastasis From Cervical Cancer


  •   Youssef Ghannam

  •   Oussama Elidrissi

  •   H. Moudlige

  •   M. Dakir

  •   A. Debbagh

  •   R. Aboutaieb


63-year-old patient, followed for cervical cancer classified 2b; declared cured after a treatment with chemo-radiotherapy and brachytherapy and who presents after 10 months of his last treatment session a fortuitous discovery of a right renal mass The patient subsequently benefited from a right enlarged total nephrectomy whose anatomo study pathology showed the appearance of a secondary epidermoid carcinoma of cervical neo.

In our case, there is a single renal metastasis of cervical cancer with no local development and after 10 months from the end of treatment.

Keywords: Renal metastasis; cervical cancer; tumor


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