Case Series: Iatrogenic Rupture of The Bladder


  •   I Gede Mega Putra

  •   I Wayan Megadhana

  •   I Made Darmayasa

  •   Made Nathassa Karisma


Rupture of the bladder is a rare occurrence, and some are significantly caused by trauma to the abdomen. In rare cases, Rupture of the bladder could cause by surgery (iatrogenic). Rupture of the bladder is most frequently iatrogenic, can happen to the operation gynecology and urology because of proximity structures in the pelvis, but can happen too with general surgery and orthopedic surgery. Because tear or Rupture of the bladder occurs in trauma cases and can also happen because action surgery (iatrogenic) is vital for doctor surgery or doctor content that does action on the pelvic area for more alert. That thing remembers complications from Rupture. This is when no quick handle could result in death. Case series this made for giving description and management if occur Rupture of the bladder consequence of the process or action operation. There are 4 case series; this is to be expected could increase knowledge of the occurrence of Rupture of the bladder consequence of the surgery performed by the doctor. Case series can also help identify actions that can only result in Rupture of the bladder so that doctor Becomes more alert and careful when to do surgery.

Keywords: Case series, iatrogenic, rupture of the bladder


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