Precision Grounding Combined with Precision Deep Tissue Massage


  •   Madiha Khalid

  •   Jeremy Madvin


Massage is a popular complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment. In recent years, deep tissue massage (DTM) has grown in popularity. As a result, DTM with grounding should be examined as any other treatment method to determine its safety and efficacy. Massage can help to reduce inflammation, speed up recovery, and relieve muscle pain. We study beneficial mechanisms in this paper by combining the idea of grounding with the massage. Grounding massage has been shown to help stabilize the physiology of the body, inflammation, reduce pain, enhance sleep, as well as stress, increase stamina and blood flow, and improve health by reconnecting the body with the electrostatic forces of the Earth. By modulating inflammatory signaling pathways, this mechanism can reduce collateral sprouting, secondary injury, and nerve sensitization, leading to better damage recovery and pain avoidance. On the other hand, deep tissue massage has long been used as a key therapeutic therapy in Traditional Medicine because of its low side effects and therapeutic efficacy. This paper examines the possibility of deep tissue massage with earthing as a simple and widely available technique with significant clinical value.

Keywords: CAM, deep tissue massage, earthing, grounding, tigger points


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