Appendico-Cutaneous Fistula: Exceptional Complication of Abdominal Drainage


  •   Aristide R. Raherison

  •   Alyssa G. Ramamonjiharisoa

  •   Lala R. C. Andriamanarivo

  •   Francis A. Hunald

  •   Mamy L. Andriamanarivo


Appendico-cutaneous fistula is a very rare condition. The few cases reported in the literature follow an initial appendicular pathology or an abdominal infectious process including the appendix. We report an exceptional case of appendico-cutaneous fistula as part of a drainage complication of planned abdominal surgery. This was a 6 week old baby who had been operated on for biliary atresia. An abdominal drain was installed at the end of the surgery. Removal of the drain created an orifice centered by a bud. The healing achieved after the use of silver nitrate was short-lived, giving way to spontaneous digestive fistula. Surgical treatment with a perifistulous approach found a normal appendix in the path of the drain with the tip open to the skin. A simple appendectomy gave an excellent result.

Keywords: Appendix, drainage, enterocutaneous fistula


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