Congenital Lower Lip Pits: A Familial Case of Van der Woude Syndrome


  •   S. Karti

  •   A. Chfiri

  •   A. Jalal

  •   A. El Harti

  •   M. Diouri


Van der Woude syndrome or lip pits syndrome is a rare genetic autosomal dominant affection that represents the first cause of syndromic cleft lip and palate.

Lower lip pits associated or not with cleft lip or palate is characteristic in this syndrome.

The treatment of lip pits is surgical and can be very challenging since aesthetic good results can be hard to achieve 

We report a familial case of Van der Woude syndrome with lip pits as the only manifestation.

Keywords: Congenital, excision, lip pits, Van der Woude


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Karti, S., Chfiri, A., Jalal, A., El Harti, A., & Diouri, M. (2022). Congenital Lower Lip Pits: A Familial Case of Van der Woude Syndrome. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 4(1), 38–40.

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