Estimation of Living Stature from Foot Dimensions in Uturu Indigenes of Abia State, Nigeria


  •   Loveday Ese Oghenemavwe

  •   Oghenekome Blessing Egwede


Stature estimation is an important process in human identification. The aim of the study was to derive regression formulae for estimation of stature from foot dimensions in Uturu indigenes of Abia State. The sample consists of 150 subjects comprising of 69 males and 81 females between 18 to 50 years of age. The parameters measured were age, stature, foot length and foot width. The mean age, stature, foot length and foot width were 29.78 ±1.08 years, 1738.26 ±9.34 mm, 261.53 ±2.01 mm, 84.53 ±0.94 mm for males and 27.04 ±0.89 years, 1648.64 ±7.61mm, 242.36 ±1.80 mm, 76.14 ±0.72 mm for females respectively. The highest correlation was found between the stature and foot length in males (r = 0.68). Regression formulae were St = 2.2926(FL) + 1093.0 mm and St = 2.3637(FW) + 1467.1 mm for females and St= 3.1687(FL) + 909.54 mm and 4.6857(FW) + 1342.20 mm for males. The foot length is a more reliable for estimating stature in Uturu indigenes of Abia.

Keywords: Foot dimensions, regression formulae, stature, Uturu


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