Cognitive, Emotion and Behavioral Reactions in Pregnant Women Who Have Termination of Pregnancy due to Congenital Fetal Anomaly


  •   I. Made Darmayasa

  •   Friska

  •   Anggakusuma


Background: Congenital disorders are a global problem with a greater incidence in developing countries. Knowing the presence of congenital abnormalities in pregnancy is a bad experience that is very unpleasant. In fact, it is Bed Breaking News which is very difficult for a pregnant woman to accept. A special approach is needed to inform patients and their families. Especially if the pregnancy termination will be carried out.

Methods: A case report of a 26-year-old second pregnant woman, with multiple congenital fetal anomaly

Results and Discussion: The mental stress experienced before and after the termination of pregnancy proved to be a serious problem. Knowing that there are congenital and multiple abnormalities in the baby they are carrying, pregnant women experience shock, sadness, and do not want to accept it, let alone termination of pregnancy. The patient even had time to seek a second opinion to reassure him. After the termination of pregnancy, the patient has just entered a recovery period and is gradually improving.

Conclusion: Although it takes time, the patient is ready to accept the results of the examination and agrees to terminate the pregnancy.

Keywords: Cognitive, emotional and behavioral reactions, multiple congenital fetal anomalies


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