A Preliminary Survey of Soil Transmitted Helminths in Some Selected Primary Schools in Okitipupa Local Government Area, Ondo State, South West Nigeria


  •   Ayokunle Samuel Arosoye

  •   Ayodeji Samson Bagbe

  •   Dorcas Olasimbo Owolabo

  •   Joy Adekoya


Soil transmitted helminths are nematodes commonly known as intestinal worms; characterized by high prevalence in regions exhibiting warm and moist climates, lacking adequate sanitation and proper hygiene. In this study, the prevalence and distribution of soil transmitted helminths (STHs) in five randomly selected Primary schools in Okitipupa Local Government Area, Ondo State, Nigeria was examined. The study involved soil examination for infective stages of helminth parasites. To determine the type and number of infective helminth ova, topsoil samples were collected from ecologically important sites; the playgrounds, front of classrooms, back of classrooms, around the toilet and the entrance of each selected schools. Of the 75 soil samples examined, 36 were infected showing a total prevalence of 48%. Accordingly, Ascaris lumbricoides (26 ova), Trichiuris trichuira (9 ova), Strongyloides stercoralis (6 ova/larva) and hookworm (15 ova) were the STHs parasites recorded in sampled soils. Ascaris was the most distributed parasite 26 ova (46.1%) across sites; and specifically most abundant in Ikoya 8 (30.8%), while Ayeka 9 (16.1%) reportedly had the least total parasite distribution. The total parasite prevalence in this study was 46.7%.

Keywords: Distribution, Okitipupa, Ondo State, primary schools, soil-transmitted helminthes


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