The Forgotten Ganglion: Ganglion Sublinguale


  •   Birsen Ozyurt


This study is aimed to reming the presence of ganglion sublinguale. Currently, 4 parasympathetic ganglion have been mentioned in head and neck region. Although contemporary anatomy textbooks report the ganglion submandibulare, the ganglion sublinguale has not been described in these texts. However, the ganglion sublinguale was reported by earlier researchers. Recently, Takezawa and Kageyama showed a seperate sublingual gaanglion, related to the sublingual gland [1]. This information was supported by descriptions in 19th century anatomy textbooks. A thorough understanding of the ganglion sublinguale is very important for anatomy education and oral surgical procedures.

Keywords: Anatomy education, ganglion submandibulare, ganglion sublinguale, glandula sublinguale, parasympathetic innervation


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