Treated with Hymen Sparing Surgery in Familial Imperforate Hymen


  •   M. Kaplanoglu


Imperforate hymen is a rare congenital female genital tract obstructive pathology. Although It is generally sporadic and isolated, very rare familial occurrence cases have been published in the literature. We present a rare case of the familial occurrence of IH and its surgical treatment. This case was admitted to our clinic with chronic pelvic pain, difficulty urination and pelvic mass. After the gynecologic examination and ultrasound view, the diagnosis of IH was made.  Her sister who two years older than she had been previously evaluated for amenorrhea and her sister had undergone surgical procedures for IH. Because of Hymen is an important symbol of virginity in family culture, hymen sparing surgery was performed. The familial occurrence of IH is a rare condition and very few reported cases in the literature. Hymenectomy can cause social retraction in cases therefore hymen sparing surgery is an important surgery, especially Muslim cultures.


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