Congenital Cyst and Fistula of the Dorsum of the Nose: A Case Report and Literature Review


  •   O. Benhoummad

  •   F. E. Rizkou

  •   S. Salhi

  •   Y. Rochdi

  •   A. Raji


Congenital cyst and fistula of the dorsum of the nose is a rare congenital entity. We report a new case of dorsum nasal fistula in a 5 years old male patient that communicates the frontal region with the subcutaneous surface. Radiologic imaging showed a median 5mm defect, in the projection of the metopic suture that leads to a communication between the frontal region and the skin figure. Complete resection was performed by an external approach with vertical incision of the cyst. The histological diagnosis was consistent with a dermoid fistulized cyst. The follow-up displayed unremarkable finding, the patient did not present any diplopia nor decreased visual acuity, or any signs of meningitis or cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea, or saddle nose.

Keywords: Midline fistula, congenital cyst, dorsum of the nose


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