Storage Media – A review


  •   Soundarya Vishwanathan

  •   Nandan N.

  •   Sunil Raj N

  •   Anitha C

  •   Manjushree Rajappa


Management protocol for avulsed teeth includes the maintenance of viable periodontal ligament (PDL) cells for good prognosis and long-term survival of these teeth. The desirable treatment is immediate replacement and replantation of the avulsed tooth but it cannot always be accomplished for a number of reasons. Thus, the tooth should be transported in a suitable storage medium to maintain the cell viability. Considering the critical role of these media, an informed choice of a suitable medium is essential for a favourable outcome. This review paper focuses on the various storage media available and highlights their specific features or drawbacks.

Keywords: Avulsion; osmolality; replantation; storage medium.


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