Sudden Mono-ocular Vision Loss in An Adolescent Female: A Case Report and Review of the Literature


  •   Oluwafolajimi Adetoye Adesanya

  •   Boluwatife Adeleye Adewale

  •   Ifeoluwa Oluwasegun Oduguwa

  •   Joseph Ajiroghene Onumeguolor


Psychogenic blindness remains a bewildering medical condition with very little information known about its exact etiology and pathophysiologic mechanism. While complaints of reduction in visual acuity are most common, occasionally patients present with complaints of total loss of vision which after extensive clinical examination and electrophysiological investigations cannot be linked to any pathology of the visual pathway. In such cases, a diagnosis of psychogenic blindness is usually considered. Here we present the case of a teenage girl who presented to the ophthalmology department with complaints of complete monocular loss of vision and was referred to the child and adolescent psychiatry team for expert management. This case showcases the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to care and importance of quick and effective referral systems in proper management of complex cases. It also provides more insight into the manner of presentation of cases of psychogenic blindness and the role of psychotherapy and counseling in its successful treatment.

Keywords: conversion disorder, dissociative disorder, psychogenic blindness, non-organic visual loss, psychotherapy


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