Adult Intussusception: Three Cases Reports and Review of the Literature.


  •   Amal Hajri

  •   Karim Yaqine

  •   Saad Rifki El Jai

  •   Rachid Boufettal

  •   Driss Errguibi

  •   Farid Chehab


 Adult intussusception occurs infrequently and differs from childhood intussusception in its presentation, etiology, and treatment. Diagnosis can be delayed because of its longstanding, intermittent, and non-specific symptoms and most cases are diagnosed at emergency laparotomy. Treatment entails simple bowel resection in most cases. Reduction of the intussusception before resection is controversial, but there is a shift against this, especially in colonic cases. This paper presents the diagnosis and management of three cases of adult intussusception, in our hospital.

Keywords: adult; bowel obstruction; intussusception.


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